In the 1990s, Sue Parke and Don Gidley lived in Toronto, Ontario. Sue designed and made jewellery, while Don sold it in their shop Emotional Outlet. With changing markets, they decided to break into a new industry and launched a unique line of metal sculptures, clocks and candle holders. By 1993, Acme Animal was born!

While cats and poodles were the early companions in the studio, more people soon joined the list of visitors. Nancy Clarke joined the Acme team in 1997.  In Acme’s heyday seven people were a part of the creative hub, including Sue and Don.

By 2009, Sue and Don were ready for a change. Nancy had moved to London, Ontario in 2008, and Sue and Don decided to relocate the rest of the company there as well. The new studio was located in Nancy’s backyard, but cats and dogs still kept the smaller workforce company. Katherine Krige joined the ranks as an occasional helper around the same time, but took on the larger role of social media maintenance.

The most recent changes to Acme Animal came in 2016. Sue decided it was high time to hang up her apron and dip her paintbrush for the last time. Her and Don officially retired in December and are now pursuing long-time passions; Sue has returned to her theatre roots and Don is the badminton king up and down North America. They have travel plans slated in between set design and badminton tournaments, but still check up on Nancy and her progress with Acme.

Sue Parke

Don Gidley

First Acme Design - Fashion Bitch