Acme Animal started with an idea — to make whimsical, animal-centred artwork. Sue was already familiar with metal from her jewellery-making days, so it was only natural that she turned to that medium again when it came time to design her new pieces. The bulk of the sculptures are made from metal, with the addition of wood blocks in some of the clocks, menorahs and candle holders.

All Acme designs are original and hand designed. Once a design takes form on the page, the whimsical ideas are translated into metal. A twist here and bend there accompany the cold joining process of assembly. It is all hand done, including the meticulous hand painting and detailing. Once products are dry, they are then hand packed and shipped all over North America.

You can find Acme Animal designs from Arizona to Nova Scotia, with plenty of stores in between. Check our site to discover Where to Buy your favourite Acme products or contact us for further information.