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Canadian Content: Canadian Stores that Carry Acme

In honour of Canada Day, we wanted to feature a few of our Canadian stores that carry Acme Animal creations. While many of the stores and galleries that carry our metal sculptures are located in the United States, we have several Canadian locations who love our quirky art too. This makes our hearts happy in a hometown proud kind of way.

Canadian Stores That Carry Acme Animal

Like in the US, you can find Acme Animal creations across the country. We thought we would introduce you to some of our Canadian stores with a few stops in Ontario first. Here is a special look at one of the oldest current Canadian stores that carries Acme, plus one of the closest stores to the studio itself.

Frantic Farms Gallery

Frantic Farms Clay & Glass & Gallery

Frantic Farms Gallery has a long history with Acme Animal. It is owned by Paulus Tjiang and Monica Johnston, both of whom knew Sue, Don, and Nancy, before our quirky art was even a thing. Paulus met Don when he sold glass in Don's stained glass gallery. They both met Sue when she was a featured artist at the Makers Eye craft show at Harbourfront Craft Centre. And Nancy met them through Harbourfront too; Paulus was an advisor to residents in the glass studio and Nancy was a resident at the same time. So when Paulus and Monica opened a gallery in their home in 2000, Acme Animal was one of the first artists they featured. That space served them well for a time, but in 2004 they began work on a new space in Warkworth. By 2005, their current location at 2 Mill Street in Warkworth, Ontario opened to the public and Acme Animal creations were on display.

Acme animal has been a favourite all these years because each piece makes you smile. The clocks are whimsical and functional, and make great gifts for all ages. The ornaments have always been a steady seller. I keep lists from my clients, so we can refer to it when they are adding to their collections.

What makes Frantic Farms a must-see stop when you are in Eastern Ontario? For starters, the art created by the resident artists themselves: Monica creates decorated electric-fired porcelain and wood-fired porcelain and stoneware, and Paulus crafts blown glass animal sculptures, as well as colourful drinkware, bowls, and lampshades. Monica's pottery studio is also attached to the gallery. Of course there is so much more to see than that though. Our suggestion is to stop into the gallery yourself to meet the artists and see what they have in store. Monica and Paulus are always happy to have visitors.

Curiosities Gift Shop

An Acme Animal clock on display inside Curiosities Gift Shop

Located in the heart of Wortley Village, a mere 2 km from the Acme Animal studio in London, Ontario, you will find Curiosities Gift Shop. The quaint store is aptly named, as there are curiosities galore to be found in this popular store. You will find a wide assortment of clothing, home goods, jewellery, accessories, bath and body products, and gifts for all occasions. Since 2021, they have carried a variety of Acme Animal creations too!

Why else should you visit Curiosities though? They support Canadian artists and designers in all they offer. If you stop by, say hello to the owner Jocelyn King and her loyal team. They will help you find the perfect item you never knew you needed! You can find them at 174 1/2 Wortley Road in London, Ontario, Canada. Make sure to follow them on their social pages too, as they update them regularly, plus have lots of fun live videos where they showcase new arrivals to the store.

By choosing to shop at Curiosities, you are supporting a small, independently-owned business, promoting the work of Canadian makers, and supporting our local economy.

For a full list of all the stores, museums, and art galleries that carry Acme Animal creations, visit our Where to Buy Our Work page. Please visit the location nearest you to support the arts in your community.


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