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Sunshine State Bound: Florida Stores that Carry Acme Animal

As the chill of January sets in across much of North America, plenty of snow birds head south to escape the cold. Where do they end up? Florida, of course! We can understand why. With hundreds of miles of beaches on both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico sides of the state, where else would you rather be mid-winter than the Sunshine State? Lucky for us, we have galleries located on both sides of the Florida peninsula. Let's visit both the Gold and Sun Coasts today to see some Florida stores that carry Acme Animal.

Florida Stores that Carry Acme Animal

Shapiro's Gallery of Fine American Crafts

Shapiro's Fine American Crafts

On the bustling Gulf of Mexico in the Sun Coast, you'll find plenty of golf, beaches, fishing opportunities, plus a thriving arts community that all call St Petersburg, Florida home. The Sunshine City is blessed with an average of 361 days of sunshine—WOW! It's no wonder that people flock to St Pete's. But we are partial to another great draw: Shapiro's Gallery of Fine American Crafts.

"SHAPIRO'S Gallery of Fine American Crafts is a local, family run business established in 1998. Since the beginning, we have represented artists and craftspeople from Florida, the southeast and across the USA."

While the gallery had its start with owners Sue and Mike (and Sue's own artistic pottery creations), it has grown exponentially since there. When they opened the first set of doors, they opened up to a world of creativity. Now located at 300 Beach Drive NE in St. Petersburg, they are still growing strong, but staying true to their roots of providing quality handmade artwork to all, including art from Acme Animal and 250 other artists and craftspeople.

Thank you for supporting the arts community Shapiro family!

Avalon Gallery

One of the newer galleries to carry Acme Animal creations is on the Atlantic side of Florida on the Gold Coast. Avalon Gallery, located at 425 E. Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach, Florida, is proud to be part of the "lovely little village by the sea"; a small community nestled between Miami to the north and Boca Raton just south of it. And Acme Animal is tickled that Avalon Gallery now includes our quirky metal sculptures as part of over 120 other artists from across Canada and the Untied States.

"Owning and working the business for 30 years,  gallery owners John Terry and Mavis take pride for having a keen eye for selecting artists which create the most innovative and expressive work." 

Care for a little inspiration to visit Avalon Gallery yourself? Take a wander through their space and see for yourself the magic they offer visitors to their art gallery.

Make sure you say hello from Nancy and Acme Animal, if you visit either gallery on opposite coasts of Florida on your trip to the Sunshine State this winter!



Find a list of all of the locations that sell Acme Animal products on our Where to Buy our Work page. Please visit the nearest location and support the arts near you!


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