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Northern Lights: How the Acme Moose Got its Spotlight from CJN

The Canadian Jewish News was established in 1960. It is a not-for-profit, award-winning media organization producing content that matters to the diverse community of Jews in Canada. They produce podcasts, a newsletter, weekly news articles, a quarterly magazine, and in 2020, a book celebrating Canadian Jewish history was published.

Before Northern Lights: A Canadian Jewish History reached publication, Nancy Clarke was contacted by CJN. As they were compiling material for their 60th anniversary book, they contemplated what they wanted to use for a cover image. They came across Acme Animal's iconic Moose Menorah and were sold. All that was required was approval from Nancy and a moose menorah of their own to photograph. In short order, they had both.

If you are interested in the history of the Jewish community in Canada, Northern Lights is a beautiful and informative book. The hardcover edition covers arts, politics, culture, law, sports, human rights, and features a wide assortment of stunning images and photographs. Both Nancy and Sue were gifted copies of the book in exchange for the use of the menorah image, as well as a menorah of their own.

Acme Animal is proud to have our moose front and center on the cover. It has a place of honour in Nancy's home, displayed for all to see, when not being thumbed through to learn more about Jewish history in Canada.


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