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Faces of Acme: Janette Rojas

Acme Service Provider: Janette Rojas

Many people have been a part of the Acme Animal family over the years. Another prolific artist we were privileged to have in the studio was Janette Rojas.

Spotlight on Janette Rojas

Ballerina in Green Crocs

Janette was an Acme Service Provider for approximately 10 years. She not only brought her painting skills to the table, but she added some of her design sensibilities too. The beloved toucan and parrots were her idea, as well as the ever-popular frog time pendulum clock.

A combination of starting a family and Acme relocating to London contributed to Janette leaving the company, but that didn't stop her mojo. She still has her hands in the paint pot and creates delightful paintings with her signature look. Check out her Instagram page to see some of the many fantastic paintings she has made recently.

While many of her works are commission based, Janette takes part in enough exhibitions that you are bound to find her work in person somewhere over the course of the year. Keep an eye on her social to see where she is next.

Just so you know, painting isn't the only creative outlet that Janette dips into. She has even illustrated a children's book too. You can find 'Mama & Love Love' on sale at Amazon. Is there no end to Janette's creativity? We think not!

Thank you for your presence and continued support of Acme, Janette!

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