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Discover Acme Animal at Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery

On the edge of Boston, Massachusetts lies a little town surrounded by parks and nature. With a history dating back to the 17th century, this community is rich in history and culture; it is the birthplace of John F Kennedy, has seen the likes of Tom Brady, Saul Bellow, and Barbara Walters as residents, and has a plethora of unique shops and galleries within its borders. One of those galleries is Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery and they have been proud denizens of Brookline, MA since 1978.

Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery

Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery

Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery is home to a wide assortment of beautiful Judaica art and culture. They pride themselves on offering items from around the world, and close to home, with many local artists featured in the store. Whether you are looking for jewelry, books, art, clothes, or Jewish holiday gift items, you are bound to find the perfect piece when you walk in the doors at 437 Harvard street. If by some chance you do have trouble finding exactly what you are looking for, the friendly and eager staff are more than happy to help you track down your heart's desire.

"For over forty years (Since 1978), Kolbo has been an integral and valued part of the Jewish community in New England; families have come here continuously over the years for important milestones in their lives — a child’s first tallit, their wedding ketubah, and their babies’ first Jewish books. Several of our staff members grew up coming to Kolbo and love the chance to offer the same care and service to the next generations."

It truly is a must-see stop for all your Judaica needs.

Acme & Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery

Acme Animal is happy to note that we have had a great working relationship with the folks at Kolbo for many years. You will find many of our most popular menorahs in store, including our Noah's Ark, elephant, cat, dog, giraffe, whale, and of course our iconic Blue moose. In fact, a new order was shipped to Brookline this month, just in time for people to pick up a new Acme Animal menorah in time for Hanukkah!

Whether you are looking for gifts for Hanukkah, Rosh Hasanah, a baby shower, a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a wedding, housewarming, or just because, you will be sure to find something at Kolbo Fine Judaica Gallery. The owners are not only dedicated to their gallery, but to their community as a whole. They want to share their love of Judaism, the art, culture, and history of their people, and are always available to talk.

If you are in the Boston area, you should stop in to say hello and take home one of their many finds. They would be glad you did.


For a full list of all the stores, museums, and art galleries that carry Acme Animal creations, visit our Where to Buy Our Work page. Please visit the location nearest you to support the arts in your community.


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