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Moose on the Loose: Acme's Podcast Spotlight

After the Acme Animal blue moose menorah was featured in early 2020 on the cover of the Canadian Jewish News (CJN) coffee table book Northern Lights, Acme got a flurry of press. It was exciting to see our iconic moose menorah loved by a whole new generation of people. The timing of the publication was difficult, as covid quickly shut down the world and made the publication industry difficult to navigate. It had the folks at CJN scrambling to figure out how to keep in touch with their followers.

In happy news, they not only figured it out, but figured out a way to reach even more people: with a magazine and podcast.

Fast forward to this past December and Nancy was contacted by CJN once more. Hanukkah was approaching and they wanted to revisit the blue moose that adorns the cover of Northern Lights as well as acts as their Facebook profile picture.

We are proud to share that not only did they publish an article about Acme Animal and our quirky menorah in their Hanukkah issue of The CJN Quarterly, but it also inspired a phone call from Ellin Bessner, author, journalist, and host of the CJN Daily Podcast. That phone call transformed into an interview that was featured on the podcast.

Article about Acme Animal in The CJN Magazine
The Acme Moose Menorah featured in the December 2022 quarterly edition of The CJN Magazine

As much as it was lovely to talk about Hanukkah, Judaica, and the history of Acme Animal, Nancy is happy to keep her day job painting. It was great speaking with Ellin though, especially as she was true to her word getting Nancy an invite to her first candle lighting ceremony. It really is amazing how much joy our blue moose brings to the world. So while we will leave the interviewing to Ellin and the team at CJN, we'll stick with what we do best—crafting joy with our whimsical animal sculptures!


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